SSS is this coming Sunday!

John Lonigro

This coming Sunday is the "SECOND SUNDAY SPRINT". Just pretend April 19th is the 2nd Sunday of the month, this one time only. Ozarkcon always trumps the SSS. There is a partial conflict with the Flying Pigs Run for the bacon contest Sunday night. It might make for lots of activity during the 2nd hour of the contest. Remember, contacts with non-members count the same as contacts with members. They simply need to send their power instead of 4SQRP member number. And, of course, I don't keep track of non-member scores.

Here are the details, which should be familiar to all by now:

Date/time: Sunday, 19 Apr, 2015, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm CDT (0000 - 0200Z Monday).
Bands: 160M through 10M, no WARC bands or 60M.
Frequencies: The usual QRP CW watering holes: 7122 kHz and 3564 kHz.
Also check out these QRP SB watering holes: 3985 kHz, 7285 kHz, 14285 kHz, 21385 kHz, and 28385 kHz
Power: 5 Watts maximum (even on sideband).
Mode: CW or sideband (see above for recommended frequencies).
Exchange: RST, SPC, and member number (members) or RST, SPC, power (non-members).
Calling CQ: "CQ 4S" recommended.

Note: Contacts with the same station on different bands are allowed. Beware: The
sideband and CW portions of a band count as the same band.

Reporting is easy:
Add up your QSOs for each band/mode and send that number to me.

With that in mind, a typical report would be:

Name: Sparky
Call: K9MUT
QTH: Branson, MO
4SQRP number: 5280
40M: 3 QSOs
80M: 6 QSOs
Total: 9 QSOs

You do not need to list the stations contacted or mode. But if you make
an exotic contact, you might as well brag about it in an optional
bragging section at the bottom of your submittal. I'll include any soapbox comments
when I report the scores (no extra credit).

When you've totaled your score, please send it to:
secondsundaysprint@.... <mailto:secondsundaysprint@....> Put "Sprint" in the subject line. Send the
results by Monday evening if at all possible. I'll tally everything and publish them on
this reflector as soon as possible. I suggest you send them in shortly
after 9:00 pm Sunday so you don't forget. If you see a mistake or
omission when I publish the results, let me know and I'll fix it.

Keep this email until after you've submitted your score for Sunday.
Remember, the 4SQRP member with the most SSS contacts between November, 2014
and September, 2015 will be allowed to use the club's callsign, WQ5RP,
for the 4X4 sprint in October, 2015.

The SSS rules are posted on the 4SQRP website, under "4SQRP On Air
Activities", just in case you delete this email.

72 and good luck in the contest,

John AA0VE
SSS Coordinator

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