Bad weekend on the bench with an SDR-Cube Kit

JT Croteau <jt.tobit@...>

I had really high hopes in my skill to pull off assembly of this kit but I am off to a terrible start even after doing a fair amount of practice SMT soldering before hand.

The I/O board came out really well so I then moved on to the Control Board.  Unfortunately, some parts were missing so, after an email to George, I soldered on the caps and resistors with no problem.  I then set it aside until I could get the replacement parts.

I then moved onto the DSP board and focused on installing the dsPIC chip first. Things seemed to have been going well until, as I was cleaning up solder bridges, I noticed a bent lead on one corner of the dsPIC.  I really don't know how this happened.

Short of ordering a new DSP board and dsPIC chip from George, I'm not really sure what I am going to do at this point but my confidence level is shot at the moment.

Maybe I should have just ordered a KX3 instead of thinking I could get back into kit building and homebrewing again.

bah, not a good weekend on the bench.

72 de N1ESE

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