OzarkCon Advanced Kit Techniques


Mike (Malone),
Again thanks for the ideas.....

As promised, I went by Salvation Army yesterday and found several 'electric skillets'. All but one was more than what I wanted to spend ($10).

I found one marked $5, and plugged it in to make sure it worked. I raced to the check-out with the 'warmed-up' treasure in my hands. Gave the lady $10 and told her to keep the change because I was willing to pay up to $10 for what I was looking for. She put the extra 5 in the 'kettle'.

It has a glass lid that will flip over and set inside the 'skillet' and I realized that's perfect to use for warming etching solution when I am etching PCB's. WOW, I can double down on functionality with this marvelous $10 purchase for the hobby.

I plan today to use the skillet today to heat some PCB's that I am salvaging SMT ic's from and several other parts.

I've included 3 pictures.

P.S. had to clean some number of years of 'crisco' off of it and fix a cracked control unit with some JB Weld.

David Martin - K5DCM
Mountain Home, Ar.

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