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Subject: Re: [4sqrp] OzarkCon Advanced Kit Techniques [3 Attachments]
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 11:58:23 -0500
From: David Martin
To: Johnny Matlock

Yes, it was Mark presentation about using the skillet to reflow that made me think I can do the same thing in 'reverse' [for salvaging].  3 uses - Reflow, Salvaging and accelerated Etching with the glass lid and set it to minimum heat (on the very low end of the warm setting) and as always when etching, in a ventilated area.

I ended up heating the skillet to about 400 degrees then placing the pcb in once at temp. to try and minimize the soak time of  the parts at that temp.

Also use a screwdriver to push board against the skillet in places to increase heat transfer.

Pic's of stripped boards attached.

One other note, after using the skillet to salvage parts, you may not want to use the skillet to cooking.....  ever again !!!  hihi  (notice the traces of solder left in the skillet !!)

On 4/21/2015 11:39 AM, Johnny Matlock wrote:
What a bargain Dave!
These work just as well for flowing new SMT projects!!
Mine was $15 new at one of the discount stores, can't remember which one!

On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, David Martin davemrtn@... [4sqrp] <4sqrp@...> wrote:

Mike (Malone),
Again thanks for the ideas.....

As promised, I went by Salvation Army yesterday and found several
'electric skillets'. All but one was more than what I wanted to spend

I found one marked $5, and plugged it in to make sure it worked. I
raced to the check-out with the 'warmed-up' treasure in my hands. Gave
the lady $10 and told her to keep the change because I was willing to
pay up to $10 for what I was looking for. She put the extra 5 in the

It has a glass lid that will flip over and set inside the 'skillet'
and I realized that's perfect to use for warming etching solution when I
am etching PCB's. WOW, I can double down on functionality with this
marvelous $10 purchase for the hobby.

I plan today to use the skillet today to heat some PCB's that I am
salvaging SMT ic's from and several other parts.

I've included 3 pictures.

P.S. had to clean some number of years of 'crisco' off of it and fix a
cracked control unit with some JB Weld.

David Martin - K5DCM
Mountain Home, Ar.

QRP....."more smiles per watt"

David Martin - K5DCM
Mountain Home, Ar.

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