Re: Tuning pot on ss40-ht


Thanks to all for the Info !

73, Jerry U. K9UT

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On 4/20/2015 7:00 PM, JT Croteau [4sqrp] wrote:

Please note though that kits shipped before 15 June 2011 did have a
5-turn pot.

72 de N1ESE
Really! I have no recollection of the kit being shipped with a 5-turn
pot. Nor do I have any prototypes here in the lab with that option.
What am I missing? Total brain fade maybe?


Jim, K8IQY
The "SS-40 Receiver" Designer

PS...I'm hoping that Wayne, Terry or Johnny will jump in here and help
me out.

On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 6:59 PM, 'Jim Sheldon'
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Though, you can get a 10 turn one from
<> (I don't remember the price
though) and that's what I put in mine after the initial build.Â
That does make the tuning a little smoother, but the original 270
degree one worked just fine. Circuit Specialists also sells a
really nice enclosure (their P/N LA-5 )that works well since the
Ten-Tec one is no longer available.Â
Jim - W0EB
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No sir. It's your standard 270 degree pot.
72/3 es God Bless de Wayne - KC0PMH

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Is the Tuning pot(10k) a multi turn pot? Maybe 5 turns ?

    Thanks ,Jerry K9UT

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