Ozarkon Build Session


Only 27 are signed up for the build session so we have plenty of room left. The
kit is a new digital interface kit design by Dave Cripe, NM0S. All digital
modes are possible with this kit, including CW. It plugs into your straight key
jack. Only a sound card connection is needed, a serial port is NOT required.

It is very inexpensive, especially if purchased for the build session. For More
info, here is the kit's unfinished home page
http://www.4sqrp.com/kits/4s-link/4s-link.php and the Ozarkcon page

If you have already registered - no problem, just send me the $25 and I'll add
the kits to your registration. Paypal to wa0itp@qrpspots.com is best since we're
getting close to the registration cut off date.

Thanks and enjoy the kit.
I love this radio stuff !

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