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My U.S Army (Pre 1974) insisted ( strongly) on 1721:15 02 May 2015. Just like it happens. And Sgt. Major would likely pound to dust the first soldier who used a number for a month!!
02/05/2015..... hmmm is that February the 5th or May the 2nd? The world over May is spelled May.
I sure hope they don't start putting year first...
I like logging it like it happens. By the second/minute/hour/day/date/year.  ;-) 

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Some have pinged me after getting my QSL cards (I love cards, not log entries...but that's just me).

I use the  method I used as an intel guy.  First is the year 2015.  Then the month 05, then the day 02, then the UTC 1700.

This makes database entries very simple for sorting.  I wish the amateur radio community would adopt this...going to UTC was a first let's move right on in to the 21st Century....  

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