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Hi Mike,
I have several cases (8 batteries to the case - Medical portable X-Ray pullouts normally about a year old and all tested good) including one case where all 8 batteries are essentially still new.  They are 9 amp hour medical grade, un-spillable, and can be charged and/or operated in any position.  They are not very large and weigh about 4 lbs each.  I sell them for $10 each or 2/$15, but UPS shipping would be prohibitive (can't be shipped US Postal Service).  If you can find someone to "mule" them down to your area, let me know, arrangements could be made.  I run one of these on my KX3 and can get a couple days normal operation out of it if I don't transmit RTTY or PSK and stick to CW at 5 watts.  I ran one down running 10 watts out on and it gave me almost a whole day before the KX3 decided the voltage was low enough and dropped to 5 watts.
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This will probably unlease a malestrom of replies...sorry but I really value the differning opinions...

Among the various battery options I have when in the RV is to charge batts to take with me if I decide to stroll up the hills.  Previous discussions this were informative, but I now have one issue that is very specific.

If I want a SLAB, what are the suggestions for the lightest, smallest ones?  I have surfed the 'net and seen a lot of ads, but I would like to have the opinions of real users.  Will be hitting the RV road in two weeks and want a SLAB to supplement my AA 12 volt packs. My XMTR uses 1-2 Amps and receive is about 350mA.

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