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Plug your numbers into K5DCM's battery life calculator to detrmine what capacity battery you will need.  Then search for a similar sla one on the web. .  SLAs do work well and many, if not, most, of us have experience with them.  

Litium technologies are another good option, and some of us are using LiPOs, LiON, and LiFePO4 chemistry batts also.  Lotsa choices out there. 
I love this radio stuff.
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This will probably unlease a malestrom of replies...sorry but I really value the differning opinions...

Among the various battery options I have when in the RV is to charge batts to take with me if I decide to stroll up the hills.  Previous discussions this were informative, but I now have one issue that is very specific.

If I want a SLAB, what are the suggestions for the lightest, smallest ones?  I have surfed the 'net and seen a lot of ads, but I would like to have the opinions of real users.  Will be hitting the RV road in two weeks and want a SLAB to supplement my AA 12 volt packs. My XMTR uses 1-2 Amps and receive is about 350mA.

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