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The 12 and 6 volt SLA they sell at academy for deer feeders work well and they are very cheap.  I've used them for years to power XCVRs in my deer stands with a solar charger.  I get more QSOs than deer though

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This will probably unlease a malestrom of replies...sorry but I really value the differning opinions...

Among the various battery options I have when in the RV is to charge batts to take with me if I decide to stroll up the hills.  Previous discussions this were informative, but I now have one issue that is very specific.

If I want a SLAB, what are the suggestions for the lightest, smallest ones?  I have surfed the 'net and seen a lot of ads, but I would like to have the opinions of real users.  Will be hitting the RV road in two weeks and want a SLAB to supplement my AA 12 volt packs. My XMTR uses 1-2 Amps and receive is about 350mA.

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