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Check out the Casita web site or come and see ours...I compared about a half dozen 15-20 ft. brands.  Unless you want to spend big bucks for an Airstream, the Casita 17 is a heck of a TT for two people, one dog, and my QRP gear (and 2/440) in the truck, of course.  It has a real suspension, not just a straight axle, and fine brakes...and the inside amenities are excellent.  I think we paid about $20K for ours...delivered from the TX factory to our SW OK QTH.

My QRP ops from inside are great...plenty of 12V and it has a 110V charger for the big Batt.  I operate from the dining table and all gear goes into one of the compartments over it...minimal XYL QRM...

Doc K5OSA - QTH: EM04sr
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LFSARC (Lawton/Fort Sill Amateur Radio Club)

Michael T McEwen
Lt Col, US Army, Ret

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I use thise same batteries found at Academy for my RC planes. I find them at our local grocery store for about half the cost one pays at a hobby shop ( very rural area, lots of hunting ranches). I use them for my qrp rigs all of the time. They run $10-$12 at the grovery store. Not too large and very cost effective. If I were hiking its doubtful that zi'd take one of those lead acod batteries though. The LIPo are much lighter. Just sold my motorhome Michael so until I replace it with a small TT we won't meet on the road!  

de ke4d

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