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Michael McEwen

Here is one is simple but looked go when can also be done in black only or grayscale.  I use my data just to show what it would look like.  I saw that Terry was listed on the web site as prisident...if this is not the case, I can easily change it.  If I get a signature image, I can add it.

Lok forward to comments.

Doc K5OSA - QTH: EM04sr
4SQRP #801 - NAQCC #7625 - SKCC #10098
FISTS #17157 - OMISS #9886
LFSARC (Lawton/Fort Sill Amateur Radio Club)

Michael T McEwen
Lt Col, US Army, Ret

Cellular Phone:  580 919-9205
Residence:  580 529-3412

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