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The antenna and ground clips are fahnstock clips (did you build yours from scratch?).  They came with the kit.  You can order them from the Xtal Set Society and other sites.

Second question:  I brought mine up in the kitchen one night with a four foot piece of wire and no ground and it brought in many loud short wave stations and the 40 meter band, both CW and SSB.  Actually was surprised at how well it performed out of the basement shack where I have my ham antennas and a good ground.

Dave K8WPE

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I've been having fun playing with my Ozark Patrol RCVR.  Have just been using some temporary connections (aligator clups).  Now I'm ready to install it in the wood cabinet I have for it.

Any suggestions for connecting the antenna.  I noticed the clips on the assembly photos on the web site, but I can't tell exactly what they are.  (Old guy eyes and I need new reading glasses.)  Also, has anyone tried other connectors?

And I have a question about the ground.  What are you guys connecting to?  I don't have any metal plumbing near the shack.  I could drive a copper rod into the dirt outside one of the windows, but we live on a granite ridge and there is very little topsoil.  I just used some 10in galvanized . barn nails for the temporary ground...three of them...but I'm doubting that is a good solution... 

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