Re: FDIM 2015 update

David Wilcox K8WPE


Forget sending my buildathon kit to my office....... Just hold it and I will pick it up at FDIM.

Dave K8WPE

On Saturday, May 9, 2015 2:33 PM, "Rex Harper w1rex@... [4sqrp]" <4sqrp@...> wrote:


I just finished updating the QRP-ARCI Buildathon registered builders list on my website:

The room is packed but with the sliding start times, I hope it won't seem that way. I have kitted a few extra kits for pickup at FDIM but if you want one GAURENTEED, then sign up for the Buildathon and a kit (but NOT a seat) will be reserved for you.  For those wanting to build one at home, I will be mailing them out on Monday so they should get to your QTH by Friday. I will attempt to get any orders sent in today into that batch of mailing. Three of the four building guides for the Buildathon kits are drafted and also posted to the web page. I'm working on the frequency counter now...

Since I can't take my entire shop to FDIM, I will have to do a little triage on the stuff I have so that it will all fit into my little Ford Focus wagon. I will have Rockmites, some Tuna Tin kits and most of my home brew supplies... If you are looking for anything specific, please send me an 'ATTN FDIM' email and I'll try to respond ASAP to let you know if I can fill it. I'm collecting up a box of orders for those who have ordered stuff and requested an FDIM exchange.

I have lots of unfinished pre-FDIM chores, so I'll get back to work but keep and ear out for email dings.


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