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Hi Doc,


I’ve been a member of 4sqrp for several years and occasionally check into a net. I’ve built many of the kits and enjoyed all but one which I never got working successfully, the QRPometer. I don’t read all emails but scan many and overall find it interesting. I’m pretty active on HF CW, both QRP and QRO, almost always with a straight key. I work SSB as well, not so much in the shack but in my mobile. I “perked up” to your email because I’m preparing for a backpacking trip to Glacier National Park this summer and am working on what if any gear and antenna(‘s) to take. Final trip pack weights will likely decide whether I do or not but I plan to be prepared.  If this interests you or anyone else you can check out my web site where I am chronicling my experiences as I plan. The web site is Look on both the backpacking and K0BXB pages.


In playing with antennas I have found using SSB a good test bed. There is both more activity in general AND if I can make SSB contacts then CW will almost certainly work. Of course as we all know propagation is EVERYTHING in HF radio. When good everything works. When poor, almost nothing will work so it is hard to draw conclusions about power, antennas or modes that are actually useful. But suffice it to say 5 watt SSB is a useful mode and worth the try.


I’ll try to remember to check out 7.285 on Monday nights at 8:00pm CDT using my FT817nd and some form of antenna from time to time as you suggest.


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Jeremy NQ0M has been trying valiantly to get a Monday night 1930 an 2030 SSB net on 7.285.  I've been able to hear some folks but I haven't been copied.  My experience is that QRP SSB is the most difficult mode.


Being a stubborn old fart, I wanted to see if you all would like to try an additional SSB possiblity.  What about just asking everyone who wants to work SSB to just give a listen for a few minutes every weekday night at 2000 CDT?  Not to be a big deal, but give a quick listen to see if you can copy anyone.  I guess 7.285 is good but if nothing is heard after a few minutes, I'm going to try 275 and 295...less than 10 minutes total unless I get some QSO's.  I know I won't be able to do this every night, but if enough of us are giving it a try, we ought to get some QSO's. If this is not good for you all, I guess it didn't hurt to try suggest the idea.  


If you do this, don't hesitate to call CQ QRP and report any activity on QRPSpots.


Anyone who has another idea, please post.  My first priorrity was CW, next is SSB, and I hope to get on PSK 31 very soon...have the hardware but have not figured it out in terms of hook-up.  I have a Signalinkand will be looking at various info sources...I don't think it will be that hard.  I have Digipan loaded and have monitored 20M with it.

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