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I'm not sure the ARRL cares about the power for your computer, but I
may stand corrected.
I can't quote the exact phrase the ARRL uses . . . but . . . if the
computer keys the rig it must be battery powered (or generator, if not
QRP). This assumes you are running as a field station. Would be
different for some of the other categories.

If the computer is used only for logging, no keying of the rig or
otherwise driving the TX, it can run off mains power.

Any digital operations that use the pc sound card would need to be
battery/generator powered.

Read over the rules carefully, all this is in there. Check the FAQ's.

73 de dave

On 5/11/15 8:31 PM, Johnny Matlock [4sqrp] wrote:

Hello CHAS
Your on the right track already!
Power your radio from battey and use 5 watts, that's the legal part as
far as I know!
Keep your antenna's simple, vertical, inverted VEE, G5rv junior,
inverted L all seem to work well. We have tried several through the
years and some play better than others.
The idea of having one for close range like a NVIS is good but any the
above work well.
Logging can be done on paper, but a computer with logging software
sorts out the dupes!
Scott N3JFP sells a great field day logging program, no vested
intrest, just a satisfied customer.
I'm not sure the ARRL cares about the power for your computer, but I
may stand corrected.
If they do, run it from battery also?
You are correct on telling them your are QRP, some QRO operators go
deaf if you do!

Just go set up fight the bugs and have fun!!
Don't forget to bring food, that's the best part!
Johnny AC0BQÂ

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I am free for Field Day this year (how did it happen?) so I’m
going to operate QRP 1B-battery. The lure of 10 points per QSO
is pretty strong. Does anyone have any recommendations for setting
up a station? I have the KX3, so the radio is not a problem. I
need to do a little site survey, but where I am considering I can
set up a near vertical long wire. As a second antenna, I was
thinking about hanging a very large horizontal loop for NVIS.

I read some of the information that Terry WA0ITP posted in the
past, i.e., call CQ, don't act like you're QRP, and just go for
it. Sound advice.

Also, my laptop, a Macbook Air, only lasts 5 or 6 hours on its
battery. It's legal to power the computer with a generator, but
I don't have one. Maybe I should try to find a 12 volt inverter
to charge from the car battery? I checked with ARRL a few years
ago and this is legal, as long as you don't use the motorized
generators to power the radio.


Chas - NK8O

QRP....."more smiles per watt"

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