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Curt, quite true about not needing 160M until fall/winter but I hope to be living on my 5 acres by then and trying to get things built over the summer.  My SDR-Cube covers 5 bands (80-17M) so maybe I will build two TUTs, one for 160 and one for 15M.


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A lot to think about!  I have the original Tut-80, and it makes nice contacts on 80m.  Signal density often low enough to allow a direct conversion receiver to work okay, especially with RIT allowing you to check the image to see if it is clearer. 

I see choice B provides 2 bands - for a bit more $$.  Okay not much more when you opt for the digital display. 

Honestly, you won't need a 80/160 rig until fall.  I suggest thinking some more.  Since you are selling rigs, I would even consider that archaic rig the K2.  Or you might run across a previously owned, nice kit built QRP rig. 

One tends not to use 80 and 160 much in the field, unless its from a place with a fireplace. 

I suggest getting a lot more data than my QRM here. 

73 Curt

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