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Don Wilhelm <w3fpr@...>

Any K2 with a serial number above 4660 has all the Elecraft mods installed.
One with a serial number above 3000 has all mods except for the PLL temperarture stability (thermistor) mod and the K2 Keying waveshape mod.
The keying waveshape mod kit is no longer available due to the unavailability of the PIN diode, but is not necessary in a QRP K2.
If it has a serial number below 3000, ask if it has had *all* the A to B mods installed - many have.
Any K2 can be upgraded, and the cost of all the upgrade kits is about $110 - add $54 if the firmware is not up to date.
The latest firmware is MCU 2.04.  To see the firmware level, hold any button in while powering on, it will be briefly displayed.


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I will second the idea of an Elecraft K2. I have used several QRP radios, the MFJ-90X0 series, SW-40+, a TenTec Scout, and more but I wanted a QRP radio to set on my small desk. I wanted all band, SSB, digital frequency readout, built in keyer, two vfos, RIT, good filters, and s meter The radio that best fit that for me was the K2. I've had mine about a year and it's a keeper. Only advice in buying one is look for a high serial number if you buy a used one, as there our several upgrades that need to be done. Also my thinking is to leave the 100 watt amp out and leave the K2 as a QRP radio as that is what works best for me.
Darryl, KK5IB

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