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Greetings Doc,

As for homebrew/kit I know of the Beach 40 which is DSB. I have seen it in 17, 20, 40, and 80 meter. I am actually building one myself right now and documenting the build on my website. I am also looking into the BitX 20 which is SSB and I have seen it in the same bands. I know the BitX can be bought as a kit, though I'm not sure where or how much. The Beach, I don't know if it has been kitted.

I wouldn't call them "micro" but the Beach 40 I am building could most likely fit in a case about 1/5th the size of the case I am building or less which is 8" wide, 3" tall, and 6" deep. I could probably get it down to 2 x 3 x 6 if I used a vericap. The air-variable takes up almost as much room as the rest of the radio!


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Please excuse my dumb questio, but I can spend beaucoup hours on google trying to find what you guys can provide in minutes.

Can there be a crystal controlled micro TX like the many QRP CW rigs we have?  My CW (basic ones, NS-40 and Peanut Whistle 2) are very cool for QRPp CW.  But as my CIDP develops, I'm going to need to plan SSB.  I have a fine home station (only 100W but pretty darn good non-yagi/tower/rotator antennas).

I am ripped when I can be out on the local Wichita Mountains range and do QRP SSB.

Maybe this is dumb do my ignorance...crystal QRP SSB?  How dumb can you be...

BTW, do have an LNR LD-5 with both CW and SSB.  Just looking for a kit I can share with my grandchildren...we have an Ozark Patrol for our listening (and their CW practicing).  My younger son, Colin, is not yetlicensed but his is a cabinetmaker and I'm planning (evil grin) to get him to become my solder and "oh shucks...missed that one" guy.
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