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FB martin,
Sounds like you're doing your homework. I wish I was going on that trip!!!
Once in the early 80s I took a Mizuho MX-15 running on a 9v battery and made a 300 mw SSB contact on 15m to AZ from deep in Algonquin Park Canada on a canoe trip.
I was flabbergasted! But that didn't take much wire.
Well, maybe next week. Hope to hear you.
Thank you for trying,
Keep us posted on your trip so we can look for you.

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The station you missed was me, K0BXB in Burlington, WI. I was running five watts using an experimental antenna I am “testing” for a backpack trip to Glacier National Park in July. The Antenna is a 35 foot wire tied through a Tuna Tunah ii tuner to my Yaesul FT-817nd. It has about ten feet of counterpoise. I’ve been trying various antennas but it is hard to compare them as the conditions change so quickly and wildly it seems. The last time I checked in a week or so ago I was using a 51 ft wire tied to the same setup. It’s fun to play with different options that might work for a six day wilderness backpacking trip!

Thanks so much.



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Good showing tonight:

WA9PWP    Paul        Stoughton, WI
K9ZTV         Kent        Jefferson City, MO
NK8O          Chas       Louisburg, KS
KD0WF       Jim          Columbia, MO
KB4QNR     Charles    Lexington, KY
AC0BQ       Johnny     Lebo, KS
KV6Z          Bill           Claremore, OK (NCS)

And I missed one dog gone it!
I hate it when that happens.
I think it was a WBo station but I'm not sure. (Possibly Steve in Lincoln, NE.)
Just not enough signal to work with. Sorry.
Please try again next week.

73 to all

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