Dale Putnam

The RMRC (Rocky Mountain Regional and Continental) CW Practice net will be called at
2200z on 7.0625
2230 on 14.0625

by WC7S...
I will call the net at 17 wpm.. HOWEVER, you certainly should feel encouraged to check in at YOUR comfy cw speed.
Don't worry about matching me... be more concerned with being comfy with your sending... as I will match you.
It goes like this.. I call the net...  "CQ RMRC de WC7S K"
then you check in with....   "YOUR FULL CALL"
Then I answer at your speed, and we chat for a bit...
Then I go on to call again, and check in additional stations..
You get to copy all of us.. at different speeds. Practice, Practice, Practice...

The first net is on 40.. the second is on 20.. no need to check into both, unless YOU want to.
(Practice more).

There are a couple of fellows that check in at 25 wpm.. they check in quickly, which works well for those of us that
don't copy that fast.. because the net then drops back to the next check in's comfy speed.

I like to run QRP.. a lot. However, this is a cw practice net.. so I will go QRO usually about 50w or so..
that way we are practicing cw.. not weak signal reception.

Y'all come, Y'er?

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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