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Adobe Acrobat, not Acrobat Reader, can make fillable forms. I can set up the form for the group if you want me to.


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Only Nine days left until the end of the member cert is chosen. Please
send your creations to me, or as as an attachment to a post to the
Group. Put the word "certificate" or just "cert" in the subject line, so
my filter will grab it. I'll make a web of all entries, to present to
the board for voting.

It has been suggested that the winning cert be added to the web site as
an editable PDF document, so recipients could type their call and member
number into it on screen, and then it print out on their own printer.
Sounds like a great idea, does anyone have the ability to do that? Can
the winning pdf be imported into a pdf creator program, or must the
design be completely created within the program?

Coupla thngs to consider while you're designing:
They can be created in any program you wish, or even online pages. We'll
convert them to another format later if needed. The new logo should
appear sonewhere. If your design has a line or space for an official's
name, it should be Wayne Dillon's. Wayne, KC0PMH, is our membership
chairman. Also, actual signatures should be avoided, too easy to lift
and use them in this day and age of screen capture programs and identity
theft. Script fonts are probably ok.

We have four entries so far, keep 'em coming. We need more from which
to choose, the more the better. Anyone can submit one, and multiple
entries per individual are welcome. Multicolor, plain, fancy, with or
without graphics, all are welcome. The winner will receive many thanks
and great accolades form the Group..

Thanks vy much

I love this radio stuff.

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