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On most web browsers (I don't know about Firefox) <CTRL-F> starts the FIND even faster....

Mike - WB9DLC

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I use Firefox's Find feature (often) to search for text on a web page. It is easy to use, Edit-Find, type the text to find, and the cursor goes to it. Very fast...

I love this radio stuff !

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The purpose of the search box is to enter an ID NUMBER, for example 21, and it will give you the callsign of the person which is referenced by that ID NUMBER. That is why the search box is preceded by the words "Find Callsign for 4SQRP ID #".

If you already know the callsign, then scroll down the list to find that persons callsign. When you find their callsign a box will pop up an display their "4SQRP ID #".

I hope that helps explain the use of that page.

David Martin - K5DCM - Mountain Home Ar.

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Hi Terry -
I just tried to look up my 4SQRP number (it is #21). The search command didn't find it, but by scrolling though the member list I did find KM4YY. I believe the Search Command is case sensitive in case others have problems with it also.
73 de Lee

PS: Hear that oinking in the background? Number 157 has begun the birthing process...

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GE Bill,

Nobody gets the boot. We QRPers are waay too valuable :o) You're #201 on the list and we're glad you are still with us.

I love this radio stuff !

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I must have got the boot at some point. I used to be a member (or I thought so) I joined about 2 years ago.


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Looks like 596 and counting!!!

Johnny AC0BQ

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