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About anything other than a tuned dipole is going to need a tuner.  Short antennas have too much loss. The other option would be something like a Norcal doublet (22’ length for each leg, center fed with ladder line or window line).  A long wire would be the next choice.  My 2¢ anyway.  It all depends on what supports (trees) you have available.


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I have recently been given a neat 2 1/2 W crystal controlled transmitter (7.030 and 7.040 crystals).

My plan is to put together an ultraminimalist station.  Believe it or not, I have a Sony SW 7600 portable which receives CW really nicely. I have a tiny Whiterook Products MK-32 sideswiper key. And a 12V for the TX power. 

What I want is the simplest TX antenna that would work for this.  I could use my 40M dipole here at home, but I really want some smaller than that for taking the station to the park, picnics, etc.

The best idea I can up with is a hamstick, but I afraid that the efficiency will be so low as to simulate a dummy load.  Is there some kind of vertical other than a standard 1/4 wave I could use?  A full 1/4 wave vertical is a no-go.

I'd rather not use a tuner although I have a good one...I really would like this to be as simple as possible, just for grins...
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