Re: Punk antenna


With goals of ultra simple, works well, and no tuner I would second the NorCal Doublet style antenna. This would assume you can find a handy tree, etc. as a support and do not have to carry a mast.

With a tuner, even a simple one, I'd go with an end fed wire and a short counterpoise. Search on the End Fed Have Wave for plenty of ideas. This would actually be my first choice even adding in a small tuner of some type although it is slightly more complicated.


On 5/25/2015 7:17 PM, Michael McEwen [4sqrp] wrote:

What I want is the simplest TX antenna that would work for this. I
could use my 40M dipole here at home, but I really want some smaller
than that for taking the station to the park, picnics, etc.

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