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Donald Sanders

Michael, Some good suggestions from others. 
QRPMEkits has a nice small ant tuner as a kit if you decide to use one.
I have used both a full sized dipole as inverted Vee- requires at least 40 foot each side of the center support -but is most efficient and a reduced length of 50 feet and loading coils at 50 to 60 percent of distance toward the end from the center. Both are efficient. 
Short run of RG 174(30 feet) or longer run of RG58C(40 to 50 feet) will do well for feed line.  Look on internet for program "LODIPOLE" . It will help design the loaded dipole and the coils needed.
100 feet of nylon rope can be used to pull it up into a tree.
For a center mast, a jacpole or at least a 7 meter telescoping pole will do. SOTA in England has a nice telescoping pole. 
Also 4 or 5 telescoping sections of PVC pipe can make a center mast. Length of each section as needed for easy transport. I have my mast in 10 feet(3 meter) lengths of 1 inch and 1/2 inch PVC and it works well for a 20 foot mast. Overlap 6 inches and I use adj clamp for portable setup with 3 inch slits in the end of the 1 inch PVC. Tie it to what ever support is available
I also use two as home base masts for ends of a 44 foot inv vee fed with 300 ohm line. The center is a 10 meter bamboo pole.

Dr. Don HC4/W4BWS

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I have recently been given a neat 2 1/2 W crystal controlled transmitter (7.030 and 7.040 crystals).

My plan is to put together an ultraminimalist station.  Believe it or not, I have a Sony SW 7600 portable which receives CW really nicely. I have a tiny Whiterook Products MK-32 sideswiper key. And a 12V for the TX power. 

What I want is the simplest TX antenna that would work for this.  I could use my 40M dipole here at home, but I really want some smaller than that for taking the station to the park, picnics, etc.

The best idea I can up with is a hamstick, but I afraid that the efficiency will be so low as to simulate a dummy load.  Is there some kind of vertical other than a standard 1/4 wave I could use?  A full 1/4 wave vertical is a no-go.

I'd rather not use a tuner although I have a good one...I really would like this to be as simple as possible, just for grins...
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