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I have used 24 hour time format (sometimes referred to as "military time) since my teens and I automatically see 16:00 when the little hand is the 4 and the big hand is on the 12 (remember hands?) with a westering sun. But other people - those who use "kindergarten time" use PM to mean after noon. Context is everything but can be inadequate.


Bill  KU8H

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For us, here in the U.S., "MP" does tend to suggest the military police.  Any army vet would probably think of that first.  However, if you get a little more "worldly", the Brits refer to their representatives in Parliament as "MP's".  To further complicate things along that same line, if you use the term "PM", that refers to the Prime Minister!  It just "shows to go ya" how difficult it is for any acronym to have only a single connotation.  Yes, context helps, but all too often folks just make up their own stuff, and confusion results.  I see that a lot in posts, and also on CW, where there seems to be a propensity to try to shorten everything!

Dave W7AQK

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