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a) you have a barefoot rig with or without a kW amplifier;
b) Peter I, Tromelin, Kerguelen whatever go on air after many years of inactivity.

Would you:

1) try working them QRP until the DXpedition packs their bags, OR;
2) give in after a few days, a week, a fortnight then to switch the barefoot rig and amplifier on?

I do have a 100 watt rig, yet in the past two years or so, I have only worked at 5 watts output or less by choice. That includes all my DXing and contesting. I worked a lot of DX before I became a QRPer, probably around 275 or 280 countries...I've actually lost count. But I have started over using QRP, and (at least at this point in my radio career) would not resort to 100 watts just to work a rare country. In fact, there have been several DXpeditions recently that I could not reach with 5 watts. I was not tempted to put the 100-watt rig on the air, but that extra 13 dB probably would have allowed me to complete a QSO.

Now, I could just as easily wake up one morning and decide that I'm tired of only using 5 watts or less....but I don't see that happening any time soon.

It is unfortunate that the ARRL doesn't endorse their QRP DXCC with additional countries worked. But since they don't, I've started maintaining a list of QRP country totals - an unofficial QRP DXCC standings page - at and would invite all QRPers to submit their QRP country totals.

Look for the a new domain for this list to come online soon (I hope) the meantime, the above link will work fine.

73 de Lee, AA4GA

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