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Jim Sheldon

Don's completely on base with his suggestion for the KXPA100 from Elecraft.  Also, if you happen to go that route, I suggest you buy it as a kit.  You'll save a fair amount of money and the KXPA100 is, in my opinion the easiest of all the Elecraft kits to build.  I use mine with my KX3 and also with a 4SQRP SS-40RX/TX 40 meter transceiver as well.  If your QRP rig has adjustable output power you can set just about any power you want up to a little over 100 watts.  The built in SWR and Wattmeters makes it easy to set whatever you want.

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Take a serious look at the Elecraft KXPA100.  It will work FB with any QRP transceiver.  If you have a KX3, it will integrate quite nicely and you will have a complete 100 watt station.  Add the KXAT100 tuner for a complete solution.

The KXPA100 will autosense frequency, as will the tuner.  5 watts drive will give you 100 watts out.

As I indicated, it can be used with any QRP rig, but if you spring for the KX3 later, you will have a fully integrated 100 watt station.


On 5/31/2015 6:37 PM, Michael McEwen mcewenk5osa@... [4sqrp] wrote:
After a few days of being a bit under the weather, I'm feeling fine and have resumed "fine tuning" my qrp set-up.

One thing I am considering is giving my Icom 718 to my son and just going with an amp to augment my LD5 when necessary.  I've been running the ICOM at 50W just to compare it with 100W...not much diffference.  So, if I could get a linear that would boost my 5W to around 50, it would suit me just fine.  My new Hexbeam will make up the difference (when I can get it up)...right now I just using low wires and a hamstick dipole.

Suggestions for an amp for qrp?  40/30/20/17/15 CW and SSB needed...

May we all have a good June...and no more flooding for those of us in SW Oklahoma!
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