Re: possible hill top operation

Paul Smith

Will do. I have had marginal luck operating portable for ten years or so. I think this should increase my odds hi

de Paul N0NBD

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Looks like a great sight! Clear view of the horizon is more important than altitude, and it looks to have a very clear 360° view. Keep us posted....Let us know your call sign too so we know who to listen/call for.
73 for now,
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This last weekend we moved our youngest son and family to Poteau OK. I assumed it would be flat and sandy. I found sandy ground with a mountain sticking out of it. Cavanal Hill is part of Poteau and is advertised as the world hight hill at 1999 ft. It is really 2385 ft to the summit. I have to haul another load down in a few weeks. I will try to operate from the summit . There is a park with picnic tables. I think it would be a blast….. IF it works here is a picture.

On second thought it is small compared to the Goatmans habitat. To a flatlander like me, it is TALL

de Paul N0NBD

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