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Johnny AC0BQ 

On Friday, June 5, 2015, Jeremy Utley jerutley@... [4sqrp] <4sqrp@...> wrote:

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned in this month's Banner, WA6CML has finally agreed to
let me take the plunge and pick up the KX3+KXPA100 I've been dreaming
of getting since my first Ozarkcon (getting to go hands on with Jim's
KX3 was a big seller!). However, since I'm just starting to dive into
the Elecraft world, I'm wanting some suggestions on some stuff from
those of you who have been using the rig. So, a few questions!

First off, microphones - I have ordered the hand-mike, but I also have
a couple of Heil microphones - a GM-5 desk microphone and ProSet Elite
headset that I use when I'm contesting. I am terrible at making
adapter cables (would much prefer to buy something pre-made in this
regard), and Heil does not make cables for the KX-3 - so does anyone
know of somewhere I could get an adapter to use these with the KX-3?

Second, what third-party accessories would those of you with KX3's
recommend? I'm already planning on the SideKX cover from AK6Q, and
probably the Pro Audio Engineering heatsink. Anything else you guys
think is essential?

Jeremy, NQ0M
in Beautiful Downtown Iola, KS

QRP....."More smiles per Watt"

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