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You might want to consider getting a Yamaha CM500 headset instead of using your Heil.  It is quite comfortable to wear and has a good hot electret type microphone.  To use it directly with the KX3, turn both MIC BIAS and MIC BTN off in the menu (do the same for any other computer type microphones.  Yes, the electret element does need bias, but the residual voltage on the mic button circuit in the KX3 powers that mic quite nicely through the ring contact.
You can use the PTT available in the ACC2 jack or just use the XMIT button to toggle TX/RX.

You can find that headset at Pro Audio shops such as B&H Photo and Sweetwater Sound.  It is usually priced in the $60 range.

If you use a microphone with a mono plug, you will have to set MIC BTN off in the menu to prevent the jack shell from activating PTT whenever the plug is inserted.


On 6/5/2015 5:39 PM, Jeremy Utley jerutley@... [4sqrp] wrote:

  Also would like to either be able to use my existing Heil gear (if it will work, and from some of the reading I'm doing, it may not), or other good quality headset and desk microphone (I really dislike using a hand mic for base station use).

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