Re: QRP till death do you part?

Dan Reynolds

> 1) try working them QRP until the DXpedition packs their bags, OR;
> 2) give in after a few days, a week, a fortnight then to switch the barefoot rig and amplifier on?
> I guess this question is about how 'fanatic' one is about QRP.

I don't consider myself a QRP fanatic. #1 reason for QRP for me is because that's where the 'builders' are. How many QRO guys build their own rigs? I know some build amps but that's another subject...
#2 reason is why take a howitzer to a knife fight? When I fish I use light tackle. Why? Because of the thrill. It's no fun reeling in a bluegill on 20# test line. 
I've heard the "use only the power required" line bantered about a lot recently. Someone even suggesting it could be construed to mean we should be using MORE power rather than less. I guess in a real honest to goodness emergency we should use more power. 
Maybe if I was really hungry I'd use 20# test to make sure I'd catch that bluegill. 
But for 99% of us and for 99% of the time it is NOT an emergency. It's a hobby and we do it for the fun. I guess if you're idea of fun is 1000 watts okay. I'll give you that. But my idea of fun is 5 watts and the patience to make it through the pile up for that DX contact. (I'm not a DX fanatic either. Just like "catching" them once in a while and I swear - for me - it's 100 times better knowing I did it with 5 watts.)

So, to answer the questions
1) Yep, I'll just use whatever I have. Maybe if I had a 100 watt radio and I was desperate I'd try but usually it's more a matter of propagation, antenna and your skill that will net you that contact. 
2) My amp is only 25 watts. Not sure that will help much! :-)

Maybe the saying ought to be: "life's too short to worry about whether I'm QRP or QRO. It's a hobby and I should be having fun."
Dan  --  KB9JLO

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