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Give serious thought to getting the Elecraft K-1 kit with a two band module for 80 and 40 meters.  Put aside the components for building the 40m module and substitute the routine parts to make the rig work on 160m (in addition to 80m). 

Don, W3FPR, is pretty much a father confessor to almost everything Elecraft makes.  I'm fairly sure he's the one who worked out how to put the K-1 on 160m and he tells you what parts you need and what to do with them.

I haven't asked Mr. Google "Elecraft K-1 for 160m" or something like that.  You'd probably get some hits there and it may well be that W3FPR will be one of them.

K9JWV, Jim, frequently appears on this list and he is into 160m with QRP.

Oh, and it's important for you to join the main list for 160m (another one is "towertalk") and that is: 
topband@....  Those guys are almost all knocking themselves out to work the newest piece of 160m DX with 1,500 Watts (or more), but there are quite a few worthwhile posts that appear fairly often.  And by all means visit the very pregnant site of W8JI, who is a high priest for anything antennas and also very keen on 160m.


Charles (aka Chas), W2SH

P.S.  For me a high point was getting a 559 on 160m from Israel in March 2011.

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I would enjoy building a xcvr for 160M and maybe spur more QRP activity there... OR...maybe 17M

72, Gary/KF7WNS

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I would like to see a simple superhet transceiver that would be an updated (uses available parts) rig something like the small wonder labs SW series of rigs. This could then be used as the basis of an updated Elmer 101 course. There are quite a few direct conversion rigs but currently I don't think anyone makes a simple one band superhet kit. It would not have to be trail friendly or state of the art but rather learning/experimenting friendly. Could be VFO or VXO. Chat with the designers may be having a limited run of the SW-30+ for their discussions but it would be very nice to have permanently available similar superhet transceiver kit. I would be glad to help in its design or testing. 

73/72 - Mike WA8BXN

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