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Don Wilhelm <w3fpr@...>


I do not mind sharing my instructions for putting the K1 on 160 meters. The information is below.
I can send it as a text file for anyone who needs more than the in-line information.


Not quite a full "Elecraft" 160m & 80m board, but you can do it this way -
order a 2 band board for 80m and any other band, PLUS, order the
components (Elecraft has them all except the crystal) - here are the
instructions for how I did it: --
maybe you can make a deal with someone at Elecraft to ship a ''1 band
and the other needed parts"

I ordered the following from Elecraft:

2 - E530002 1500 pf capacitor
3 - E530003 2700 pf capacitor
2 - E530005 1200 pf capacitor
2 - E530035 1800 pf capacitor
2 - E530052 560 pf capacitor
2 - E530053 680 pf capacitor
1 - E530058 12 pf capacitor

1 - E690007 33 uh inductor
2 - E690001 4.7 uh variable inductor (wide tuning slot)

Toroid cores:
2 - E680001 T44-1 or T50-1 toroid cores (blue color)

I also ordered a 9.800 mHz crystal (HC-49 case 20 pf load
capacitance) from
International Crystal Manufacturing

If you are planning to use the K1 ATU with this board, you should
also order
the P1 (3 pin) and P2 (10 pin - 5 x 2) headers from Elecraft.

The parts from Elecraft (without the headers) were less than $15 and the
crystal was priced at $17.95 - not an unreasonable price IMHO.

I assembled the 2 band board with the 80 meter components in the band 2
locations as indicated in the instructions - except for L5 and L6
were left
empty at this time.

Next, the low- pass toroids were wound with 21 turns (20 inches of
wire) on
the T50-1 (blue) cores, and soldered into the L9 and L10 positions.

The 4.7 uH variable inductors were soldered in the positions for L5
and L6.
On the bottom of the board, 1200 pf capacitors were soldered across
L5 and
L6 (the outer pins on the side of the can with 3 pins).

The 33 uH inductor goes into the position marked for C13. Form the leads
under the inductor body so that the leads fit into the holes - my
is parallel with the board and tucked between the bandpass filter cans.

Mount the 9.8 mHz crystal at the X1 position and solder the grounding
to the side of the can (or top if you prefer).

The remaining capacitors are fitted into the following positions:
C1 & C5 - 680 pf
C2 & C4 - 2700 pf
C3 - 12 pf

C11 & C15 - 1800 pf
C12 & C14 - 560 pf
C21 & C23 - 1500 pf
C22 - 2700 pf

You should now have all the holes filled, and can proceed to align the 2
band board following the instructions in the K1 manual. Mine came up
no trouble at all.


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