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Several 'ideas' and comments --
If the goal is for a good, simple, single band VXO or VFO controlled transceiver (or just a receiver by leaving the TX components out), the SWL series transceivers are a good basis for the design.  The old Manhatten 101 project is exactly that.

For something a little more exotic, put in a variable bandpass IF filter as is done in the Elecraft K1.

If the desire is to expand to a multiband transceiver, a design based on the architecture of the Elecraft K1 would be my choice.

The Elecraft K1 basic design is an easy 2 - SA612 mixer design at its basic form.  The "magic" is in the use of a fixed range VFO mixed with a crystal oscillator to produce the local oscillator frequency - that makes it multiband capable.

Yes, a real K1 has a microprocessor that will do a lot of things, like the LCD display, internal keyer, sidetone generation, power level control and other niceties, but those things can be sacrificed for a more simple design - the basic RF section is not that complex.


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i like curts idea of a simple vxo base platform transceiver.
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