Re: QRP till death do you part?

Dan Reynolds

--- In 4sqrp@..., "David Martin" wrote:
> I guess it comes down to what you are trying to accomplish, or
> maybe what you call fun ?

David, in my book you hit the nail on the head! Amen brother!

Because of my poor CW ability I do a lot of SSB. I've gotten to the point where I never tell the op on the other end I'm QRP, I "forget" to tell them my power and I only say I have a Yaesu (no model number - it's an FT-817). It's amazing how well they suddenly CANNOT hear you when you tell them you're running 5 watts, QRP or using a Yaesu FT-817. 
I figure what they don't know can't hurt me.
I don't mean this as a bad attitude. If they don't know - they'll have fun and I'll have fun. I will tell the (whole) truth in the logbook and on a QSL.
Dan -- KB9JLO

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