Re: Modular Rig Group Build


The multiPig rig is a cool one. I never got one for a number of reasons. 
* I have a number of all band rigs
* It looked complicated 
* It didn't come with a way to make a single package. Just a bunch of modules to interconnect and mount somehow
* It cost more than I was willing to spend (when it came out) for a fun educational project

There are many good sources such as the MultiPig to get ideas from. I think a new design using various ideas from past rigs is needed, using components that will be available for some number of years. The basic package should be simple but complete. It should be easy to swap out modules to add other implementations and features. For example the basic package would contain a fixed IF crystal filter but that could be later upgraded to one with variable bandwidth as the experimenter desired. 

Modular design also also allows easy updating should some parts become unavailable. I am envisioning a learning platform with a long lifespan of production.  Its a niche that is not currently filled. Many other niches are already filled by available kits. 

73/72 - Mike WA8BXN

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