Re: Anyone out there tonite?

James Rodenkirch

There is a Straight Key CW Club (SKCC) weekend contest this coming weekend that might be a great practice opportunity..... check Bruce' contest calendar site for info:
72 de Jim R. K9JWV 


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I got placed back in for jan/feb 2016. I'm going to work with the K7QO code course right now as I can't talk much and therefore can't play radio. Too bad I wasn't able to complete the course in apr/may...  I'd still be keying away.

Joshua Gould

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Last time I checked CW OPS, they were full and waiting for 2016 enrollments...

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The CW OPS club has a CW Academy you can sign up for....go here for the details:
Look for the CW Academy button on the left hand side - no cost, just find an open enrollment period...I believe the current "class" is full.
72 de Jim Rodenkirch K9JWV


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Re: relearning are right bro...I'm only copying about 20% of good cw (20-30 wpm) but have got myself on am only about 10-12 wpm...don't like to send faster than I can copy and vice-versa.

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