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Charles W. Powell

I too can add to this.  Let me preface by saying that I feel entirely spoiled by my KX3, and in my opinion, the 539 is not nearly in the same class. Nonetheless, it is a fine rig.  The tuning knob is great, CW sound is good, and filtering is very good.  There is some artifact with the headphones, and I really DON’T like the headphone jack at the back of the radio. 3.5 mm jack seems like it would have been more appropriate for the phones.

The CW problem of “clipping” can be solved by putting zero resistance in the keying line.  I get variation even from key to key, and I can ameliorate the problem if I clean the contacts.  An external keyer has way too much resistance in the line to avoid the problem.  I found the keying problem very distracting, at least until I figured out the problem.  Then the problem returns with even a tiny amount of oxide on the key contacts.

I agree with Terry regarding XIT and the lack of 12 meters.  I also think it would have been a great coup to put “dual watch” instead of a simple split, in the same way the KX3 does.  Dual watch is the one feature that keeps me coming back to the KX3 for anything beyond rag chewing.  I also would suggest that it’s a very heavy rig compared to many others, and it has big open vent slots on the top of the radio, making it less than my ideal rig for portable ops.

The radio is more comparable to the Elecraft K2, in many ways.  But you won’t touch an Elecraft rig with the same functionality for $850.

So that’s my 2¢, for what it’s worth.


Chas - NK8O

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Thought I'd contribute to the thread. 

I think the 6 is a very capable and FB little rig. The only extra item I purchased was the 700 HZ roofing filter
The receiver is fantastic, one of the most pleasant to use that I've had my hands on, I love it.  Nice and quiet, It has very good specs, the DSP filter is amazing, and It has excellent close in signal rejection for contestors.  Tuning in a station near the noise level and cranking down the filter to 100 HZ leaves only the station, nothing else, and  with smooth nice sounding audio and no filter ringing.  In this regard my Pro III isn't in the same ballpark.  The buttons and TMB switch may seem unusual, but are very easy to master and makes perfect sense logically and ergonomically.   The transmitter performs as expect capable and easy to use.  It interfaces to your rig controlling logging software easily and without any hiccups, I use ACLog.

There are several in the Group, and I was lucky to play with one during FD a few years ago, and was convinced I had to have one.  Paul Stroud, AA4XX, wrote an excellent report on it on QRP-L (I think) a couple years ago.  It's a must read if you are considering a new rig. 

The complaint list is small and minor for me, here tis:
No XIT, has RIT, but XIT is much easier for me when Fox hunting or DX chasing.  It has dual VFO's however, making this complaint kinda nonsensical..
No 60 or 12M, no biggee but I'd like to have 12.
The keying is a tad choppy when using an external keyer like the EZKeyer.  The rig chops the first character a bit, the sidetone as well as on the air, plainly noticable but still useable. I like to use the EK3 with it and overcame this issue by keying it from the EK3's MUTE line, works perfect.  The internal keyer sounds pretty good in that regard tho. You can mitigate that with the weight control on your favorite keyer if it has one.

It's a great little rig and I'd buy it again. I can recommend it for both the shack and the field. Here's a link to TT's brochure

I love this radio stuff.

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There are a few Argo's in the group, I know, but not sure who all has them.  I've been salivating over the KX3 for a couple of years now, since my first trip to Ozarkcon in 2013 when I got to go hands on with Jim Sheldon's KX3.  Recently had a little bit of money come my way, and the XYL said I could finally make the jump.  It just got delivered this afternoon, and set it up tonite.  Definately sounds good tho!  You wouldn't go wrong if you picked it up, I don't think!


On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 10:46 PM, Bobby Rolph <rolph981@...> wrote:
I am glad to see that you have a KX3 Jeremy. I am thinking real hard about buying but I also have been looking at the TenTec Argo VI. Do you know of anyone in the club that has the Tentec QRP rig. They are selling it with the roofing filter and the hand for $849.
72/3 de kb4qnr

On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 11:37 PM, Jeremy Utley jerutley@... [4sqrp] <4sqrp@...> wrote:

Thanks, Bobby.  I got with Darryl, KK5IB, and realized just how rusty I am in my CW.  Sorry to subject you to that, Darryl!  Sounds like maybe you hooked up with someone (I'm still listening in).

I'm gonna start getting serious about re-learning CW, so I can start having fun with you guys!

Jeremy, NQ0M

On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 10:34 PM, Bobby Rolph <rolph981@...> wrote:
I am listening on 7.122.

On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 10:50 PM, Jeremy Utley jerutley@... [4sqrp] <4sqrp@...> wrote:
Hey all! Is anyone out there listening tonite? I got the KX3 up and
running, up on 7122, was wondering if anyone could give a listen?

Jeremy, NQ0M

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