Re: A simple 60 meter CW transmitter -- Maybe NOT

Charles W. Powell

Chuck - not to start a flame war, and with all due respect.  CW is acceptable on 60 meters, and there is no restriction that would prohibit a CW only transceiver.  

"Effective March 5, 2012  the FCC has permitted CW, USB, and certain digital modes on these frequencies. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is the primary user of the 60-meter band.

The requirements are that the frequencies used be “on channel”, and implicit in that, pretty strict frequency control is needed. It would have to be a very stable transmitter. Maximum ERP is 100 watts, so it’s pretty unlikely that a 5 watt transmitter would exceed this level.  I don’t think I have enough real estate for a big enough LPDA or Yagi-Udo to have 13 dB of gain on 60 meters!

Chas - NK8O

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The requirements for operation on 60 meters are not so simple.

The transmitter would need to be SSB (upper only) including specific

You can read about them here...

And more specifically the Recommended Practices link found on that page.

Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ
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