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Bill Cromwell

Hi Jim...

The TX doesn't have to have SSB capability at all but does have to have the SSB or CW carrier on a specific frequency +/- the mandated tolerances (not too difficult). Some hams complained that would give them a 1500 Hz CW tone, but that really is subject to how you choose to receive it. You may use a one tube blooper (receiver) if you so choose along with whatever RX tone you like.

I am laying one out to use temp compensated xtal oscillator modules (that I already have). It will include a USB and a CW xtal plus one heterodyne xtal for each channel (seven TCXO modules). And by the way it will only be the transmitter. The transmitter channel frequencies are specified. And the receiver is not regulated at all.


Bill KU8H

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Ummmmmmmmmmm------- one can operate cw on 60 meters and not SSB, Chuck...

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The requirements for operation on 60 meters are not so simple.

The transmitter would need to be SSB (upper only) including specific

You can read about them here...

And more specifically the Recommended Practices link found on that page.

Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ
EM22cv, Rains Co. TX

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