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Hi Mal,
Well, we gave it a try.
I looked at the real-time lightning map just before the net and knew it was going to be a bit of a struggle.
I got Woody one letter at a time and never heard Charles at all.
Well - that's radio for ya. HI.
I was happy to get the ones that I did.
...and I always have fun.
CU next time Mal,

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Holy wow was that something!

 I was the last station trying to get in - N2QFD-

 I did have some up's WA9PRP was 559 at peak
                                WD9F also was great here.
                                WN0I was another 459

  Bill you were a 339 on your peaks here in NY and it was demented with the static crashes but I stuck with it. There was another NY station trying at the beginning of the net W2SH who was very loud here.

 Guess no one heard me at the end for a relay, but then again I'm sure I was hearing things (or not hearing) from all that static!

 Best 73 to all



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