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Bill Cromwell

Hi Nick,

If we want "simple" LEDs would be overly complex and expensive. A chicken-head knob can point at dymo label or sharpie numbers one through five on the front panel..assuming we actually use a front panel.

I have been avoiding the DDS type stuff to also avoid the transmitted crud that goes along with them.


Bill KU8H

On 06/15/2015 07:53 AM, 'Nick Kennedy' [4sqrp] wrote:

Nine years ago (already??) I did this presentation on an SSB transmitter for 60 meters at OzarkCon:
That was before CW became legal on the band. Of course a CW transmitter would be much simpler. I like the idea of crystal simplicity, but in this case a DDS might be simpler. Well, not simpler – but cheaper. Unless some supplier starts supplying 60 meter crystals cheap, they might be a bit expensive.
I did use the idea of a push button to scroll through the channels. That can eliminate the complexity of a display. Just have an LED for each channel.
On the first day that CW became legal on the band, I put my K3 there and made a CW QSO. I’ve made a couple since but actually I don’t get to that band often. Maybe a simple CW TX mated with an equally simple receiver would start something.
Nick, WA5BDU
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5 channels = 5 xtals?, maybe a push button to "scroll" through the channels with a simple LED indicator to report which channel it's set to?
Wayne - KC0PMH

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