Re: Kanga UK 5 MHz Crystals

Bill Cromwell

Hi Chuck,

My old Kenwood Twins, around about 45 years old now, has five xtal sockets that allow ~5 mc xtals to stand in for the VFO. The rig is dual conversion with the SSB generator and xtal filters at 3.395 mc and the second conversion is a 600 kc wide "bandpass" filter in the 8 mc range. If that 8 mc filter will pass the 60 meter energy from the 75 meter band the xtals could be used that way. The VFO range is from 4.9 to 5.5 mc.

Somebody else mentioned using converters or "transverters" and no reason that can't be used if we watch out for possible spurious signals too close to the operating frequency to filter out. There are useful charts in the ARRL Handbooks (and others) to help choose frequency combinations with fewer problems. Those will be in the receiver discussions but it all applies to heterodyne transmitters, too. A converter or transverter may be viewd as just an addition conversion stage in either a receiver or transmitter. It's all doable.


Bill KU8H

On 06/16/2015 08:31 AM, Chuck Carpenter [4sqrp] wrote:


This deal from Kanga UK sounds like the easiest way to put a 60 meter
CW rig on the air.

Many of the existing transmitters could be modified to work on 60
with switched crystals for the oscillator.

Even Rockmites could be easily modified for 60 meters for about 1
Watt or so output power. Simplest would be a single frequency and
also use the DC receiver. Switching both crystals has been done but
it's not pretty...

Although I agree with Don, w3fpr, about the use of a better receiver.

I'd want to use some method of temperature control for the oscillator
for stability too.

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