CW gaps

Michael McEwen

This may be something that is well known, but was new to me:  In learning to use Morse, I decided to augment Just Learn Morse by finding and listening to slow code nets.  As I listened, found that I could copy some simple words and I started writing them down.  Sometimes I could figure a whole transmission because the mising letters or even whole words could filled by the context of the sentence of message...I found I could literaly "fill in the gaps."
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Doc K5OSA - QTH: EM04sr
ARRL - LFSARC (Lawton/Fort Sill Amateur Radio Club)
4SQRP #801 - NAQCC #7625 - SKCC #10098
FISTS #17157 - OMISS #9886 - Flying Pigs #3587

Michael T McEwen
Lt Col, US Army, Ret

Cellular Phone:  580 919-9205
Residence:  580 529-3412

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