Re: FD reports comments?

Martin Huyett <huyettmeh@...>

Two friends and I worked QRP and kept busy almost the whole time here in SE Wisconsin. Prop was good, noise was low and we had QSOs on 80, 40, 20, 10 & 15. We worked mostly CW but some SSB and digital.

Rigs included a 4SQRP NS40/SS40 pair with VXO. I used  FT817. Antennas were an OCF dipole, G5RV jr, 51' end fed wire, 40mtr rotatable dipole made with hamsticks and a Little Tarheel screwdriver.

Power was from batteries and generator. Great fun, fellowship, food and limited sleep! I don't have a full count but I had 45 logged contacts. Most distant were WA & CA.


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Hi Paul,

For FD, I followed my usual procedure.
I pull all the plugs and hide under the bed until it's over.
I'm not a big fan of FD.


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