Re: FD reports comments?

Dean LaClair

Dale how hi up is/was the loop? I run one at the cabin here, full wave on 160. Loads nicely on all bands with Johnson kW matchbox OR kx3 atu... I was gonna extend it out another couple hundred feet to be in the 7-800 ft range. Mines only 30ft above ground


FD is a super day to test new antennas... so.. when the day arrived.. I threw up a 700 ft loop.
Had to test it.. so I made 200+Qs with a K2 on a solar charged battery at 5 watts. Comparison
on 80-40-20-15 no one was heard on 10.. the loop is quieter and in most directions at least as
good or better than a 20m EDZ... so... the loop for now, has been deemed a keeper..
Now, I need to make it strong enough to last the winter.

200+ Q and 9 hours of on the air time.. great way to spend a Sat.
AND, I already uploaded to LOTW.. too.

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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