Re: FD reports comments?

Dan Reynolds

Our local club did pretty good - for us. When I joined the club about 7-8 years ago they hadn't done anything for field day for years. Typical lack of support (who's going to do it?). 
I instituted a "shortened" field day and threw in a potluck at the end of the day, Saturday, that way I could be assured of some attendance. Everyone comes for food.
No overnight, no campers, tents, etc... Just go to a good local park and have at it.
It was total selfishness on my part. I wanted to know what field day was all about and I wanted an excuse to operate in a park. I admit it. 
So, that's what we've done these last few years.
Of course there's a vocal contingent that say, "that's not the way we used to do it in the good old days." Of course they NEVER EVER do anything anymore.
Enough of the soap box. Well that particular soap box anyway.

We had four complete HF stations setup. All had good antennas. Very nice setups. Had a Honda generator (man, aren't those things nice?). Batteries and I used Li-po's this year. I have a very good friend who flies small, medium & large RC helicopters. Because he doesn't like his batteries getting stale I get his old ones - which for radio use are ideal. And he has given me several of his older chargers as well. These batteries are 2200 mAH. I used two batteries Saturday - not because I had to. Just swapped them out.

I ran the FT-817 my main rig. I don't own a 100 watt rig. I made more contacts and had the farthest contact. I got a KH6 Saturday. I ran on 15 meters all day. Oh and SSB only.
The 817 is a great rig but on 20 meters I just don't have the filters for a field day effort. There are too many stations too close together. 
Antenna was a 40 meter OCF dipole / windom. Home made.

We all had a blast and I left a lot of them scratching their heads about that QRP crap.

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