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Well, I’m not a pilot but some searches indicate I probably meant AMSL or MSL (above mean sea level) as that’s what I was referring to.  The terrain below the the mountain is at about 360’ above seal level, so I was at about 1440’ above ground level I suppose.
It’s interesting – I was building a barometer / altimeter a couple years ago using an Ardunio and a pressure transducer.  My source for local barometric pressure to calibrate the thing against were my local power plant which has a computer point I can access and the local airport.  I couldn’t get them to square up even after correcting for minor differences in elevation.  I finally found out that the airport reports the barometric pressure as what it would be if you relocated the airport to New Orleans.  Ha!  They correct it to what the pressure would be at sea level.
Yes Phil, there was beer.  At least in my case.  We have a mixture of guys who partake and guys who don’t.  I have to be careful though or I’ll sleep the whole night away.  I managed to get in only about two hours of sleep, so I guess I didn’t over-indulge.
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Did you mean AGL or MSL ?

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This was a different Field Day for me.  For the past several decades, I’ve been part of the local club’s effort and usually one half of a two-man team running the CW station.
This time, several (eight) old guys who had been QSO partners in the 60s, about 50 years ago, decided to get together for an old friends FD.  Two flew down from Oregon but most came from various locations in Arkansas.
We operated from Mt. Nebo, a 1800 foot ASL mountain near my QTH.  Far from roughing it, we rented two cabins and had the comforts.  My station was outside though.  We ran two 100 watt CW stations, each using 130 foot dipoles fed with ladder line.  They seemed to do a great job.  We used K5ALU, the call of one of our members.
We managed 2350 QSOs, about 50 of them on 6 meters and the rest divided between the two HF CW stations.  The weather was excellent and the bugs were few.  Great Field Day.
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